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Falcons and Vikings: Official in game thread.

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This game is a perfect example of why you have to keep pounding the rock even when you aren't getting yards. Because even though Jamal wasn't getting yards we kept pounding it and it kept the play action involed which is why Chandler was so good in 1997 and 1998.

People that don't understand football don't realize that and we see it everyday on these boards with all the threads about play calling and running the ball even when we aren't getting yards.

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Chandler threw the prettiest deep ball of any QB I have ever seen.

That pass Matty made on that 70 yard touchdown this year was pretty too.

What happened after the season where did cunnigham go? when did culpepper come?

Culpepper was drafted in 1999 and they didn't let him play because they still had Cunningham. But then during the 1999 season Cunningham got off to a horrible start to the season and then got hurt and Jeff George came in and had a **** of a season.

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lol i remember when i moved to florida. Right after high school and i sold a television to culpepper when i worked at circuit city during college. And it was right after culpepper left minnesota but he still had a house in orlando florida. so i helped him set it up and beat his *** in madden. And i asked him how did he like minnesota he said he was hated it lol

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