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Madden 09 Roster update #16

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No link, but it's up.


signed Glenn Sharpe CB 64 overall

signed Marcus Pollard TE 73 overall

cut Eric Weems WR

Laurent Robinson to IR

Ratings Up:

Todd Weiner RT to 85 overall

Tyson Clabo RT to 83 overall

Grady Jackson DT to 85 overall

Coy Wire LOLB to 72 overall

Domonique Foxworth CB to 80 overall

Ratings Down:

Michael Boley LOLB to 85 overall

So no love for Turner, or left side of our line. But I do like that they bumped Foxworth up. Now if they would give Turner his speed and Norwood a better return rating than a dang 60, epically since Adam Jennings is still in the 90's.

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I'd say that Turner's speed is just fine, he's at what, 92? That's plenty of speed for him.

ok maybe, but I would add more acceleration. He is pretty slow in the game compared to other running backs that are not near as fast as he is. But I've been begging for Norwood's return to go up a 60 is just stupid.

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