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Anybody here into RC Nitro?

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Guest Regular Guy

I was just curious as to how many (if any) of you have these expensive "toys"?

Years ago my brother bought a Traxxas T-Max truck and I thought that thing was INSANE! He sold it at some point and now he misses it.

I recently had my daughter's chinchilla for sale and some guy from Alabama asked me if I would be willing to make a trade for it. He offered a Nitro buggy with hop ups for trade. After thinking about it I agreed. Now mind you, this left my daughter without the $$$ she needed for buying a Ferret. The whole purpose of selling the Chinchilla was to buy a Ferret! Luckily I found one for sale on the cheap and made her happy :)

Back to the buggy. It came with LOTS of extras like 2 other sets of tires and wheels and just a slew of stuff..........BUT.....it had some "minor issues" that needed to be dealt with. The guy said that it needed a new gear for the Roto Start and a breather and a body, all were cheap he said. Without the Roto Start working I had to take his word that the thing EVEN RAN!

Short story long :) I have spent $11.00 on a breather, $17.00 on a body (ebay, normally $50.00!!), $50.00 on a tiger drive roto start and new one way bearing and roto start shaft (also ebay), $11.00 on new a-arms (left front was broke), $7.00 on new tail fin and suppport), $21.00 on a Pull start that I broke when changing out the one way bearing :angry: (therefore leading to the Tiger Drive), $27.00 for a gallon of 20% Nitro Fuel, and lastly $45.00 on a new 5 cell hump style battery pack and charger (for the throttle and steering servos). As you see I have spent a TON on this thing!! That's $189.00 WOW!!!!! Of course the fuel really should be taken off as it's an expendable item.

I know this can be an expensive hobby but SHEESH! I guess the good thing is that it's in tip top shape now and it BOOOOOGIES!!! This rascal can MOVE! I'm guessing that it goes at LEAST 60 mph and it gets there FAAAAST! you can check it out here:


this is not meant to use AFMB as a vehicle to sell, the link is for the pics only!!

I currently have it for sale, but if it doesn't sell, then I'll continue to play with it. When I traded for it originally, the deal was I was going to sell it and buy the Ferret, well as you see by the story, it's taken a LONG detour to say the least :)

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