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what are your pet's names


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We have a Golden Retriever. Her name is Fenway. She is hilarious.

Animals often are. It's funny how all of them have certain tenancies and little quirks that make them unique, that is why people love pets so much.

My dog WILL NOT eat his food until all of us sit down for dinner. I've got the house to myself tonight, and didn't eat dinner because I wasn't hungry. I fed my dog at 5:00 like I normally do, and it is 8:40 now and he still has not touched his bowl. Eventually he'll go and eat because he'll get so hungry that he'll have to, but it's so funny to think about it. It's almost like he's thinking to himself "Oh, it's not time to eat yet, I'll just leave this here."

My African Grey parrot (Tango) will climb down his cage when I open it up, and the blue front Amazon parrot (Cash) will say "Where ya goin' Tango?" EVERY single time. Then Tango will eventually walk into the computer room or the living room, wherever I am and tilt his head to the side like he's really curious and go "What are ya doin?" because we do that to him all the time.

Any time someone is on the phone, Tango will also mimick the conversation by going "Uh huh, yeah, okay, hahahahaha, yeah, okay" but he does it really quietly almost like he's embarrassed.

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