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We must Exploit their Weaknesses!

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This is definitely the key to this game, as in every game. But, for us it will be very important.

We must continue to convert our third downs. We are currently 88 for 197 on third downs, while they aren't far behind at 73 for 192 on third downs.

They have better stats on defense, but have allowed only one less touchdown than us. We need to convert our redzone trips into TD's as much as we can.

We have given up ten first downs on penaties, they have given up eighteen. We won't have a crowd factor for us, so we need to make sure not to give up stupid first downs.

Vikings have 41 sacks for and 38 against. We currently have 28 sacks for , and only 14 against. We need our O Line and Ryan to continue to not give up those sacks. We also need someone to step up for atleast one crucial sack this week, besids ABE.

Their turnover ratio is -1, while ours is -4. The only real difference in our seasons, is last week's turnovers. We cannot continue to give up the ball. We have been good all year long. Our Secondary needs to come up with a forced turnover on Sunday.

We have more offensive yards than them. We have 5140 yards, to their 4610. We have to continue to not be scared of running the ball, but we also have to be sure Ryan has a good game.

Now, I know all of these are kind of playing Capt. Obvious but these really are where we standout or have a weakness. We have to capatalize when we can. Look for this to be a great game and for Ryan to standout, yet again.

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