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4 Records Have A Chance To Get Broke Over The Next 2 Weeks, 4 Atlanta Falcons Records 2 Maybe(3 Records Next Week)


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4 Atlanta Falcons Single Season Records have a chance to get broken over the next 2 weeks all 3 records could be broken next week against the Vikings. There are 2 More Records that could be broken, but there a reach compared to the other 4(I will list them all). Here are the Records & how they exist now & maybe the future holders & CURRENT stats:

4 Single Season Records:

Receiving Yards: 1,358 Alfred Jenkins - 1,310 Roddy White

Total Touchdowns: 16 Jamal Anderson - 15 Michael Turner (Not Rushing Touchdown Record that was broke against TB Bucs)

Field Goals Made: 32 Jay Feely - 27 Jason Elam

Quarterback Sacks: 16 Joel Williams - 15.5 John Abraham

2 Stretch Single Season Records:

Rushing Yards: 1,846 Jamal Anderson - 1,421 Michael Turner (needs 425 Rushing Yards)

Passing Yards: 4,143 Jeff George - 3,146 Matt Ryan (needs 997 Passing Yards)

Don't Know About Anybody Else But This Season Is Just Exciting & I Hope We Don't, Wait I Know We Will Make The Playoffs, Adding Some Single Season Records To This Season Would Be Great.

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All those records broken and no playoffs :lol:

All that "talent" and still struggling....... talk about a joke of a football team it has got to be the Cowboys. They remind me of a fat ugly chick that that does the most outlandish things they can think of to have people actually pay attention to them. "America's team" my @$$. More like America's spleen.

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