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Matt Ryan - RoW?


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I'm surprised he got nominated, they only have his stats (15/23 or something) and yards, no ints. It was obviously a slow week for rookies but I hope he wins because he's missed out other weeks where he deserves it and this was the biggest game of his QB career.

Turner definitely deserves the ground player, Peterson is up so it could be tough but if you watched the game there is no doubt that Turner was everything in that OT.

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Right, I agree. I just think it's interested he was nominated and given that he has deserved it and not won in the past it'd be nice to see him not deserve it and win.

I was watching highlights though, and Ryan was a few yards away from having a great game. Radar holds on, Norwood flips 3 more inches and Ryan throws the ball a hair harder to white deep. That's game, set, match and a 3-1 TD to int ratio. I know he didn't do it, and if's and but's don't mean much, but I'm not too down on the kid. Excited to see him play against Minn.

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For more meaningless stats/observations:

Pete Prisco gives out weekly grades, totally arbitrarily of course, but I think it's cool that the Falcons are tied for the best GPA at 3.04 with the Titans. This team gives a good effort week in and out and we have yet to completely lay an egg. Let's hope the Vikings or even Rams don't surprise.

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