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How we stack up against the Vikings:


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Atlanta Offense versus Minnesota Defense:

The Atlanta Offense has proved, excluding the Tampa setback, that they can win games through the air (GB, CHI, SD, NO). Many of these games have come against talented defenses such as Green Bay and Chicago. Matt Ryan has proved to be a more accomplished and talented quarterback than his rookie status and decent college campaign led on. Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, Brian Finneran, and Harry Douglas have all shined with Ryan at the helm and the group is no longer considered a disappointment. Roddy White, especially, has profited from stability at the quarterback position and is, on many occasions, unstoppable. Michael Turner has proved to be the best pickup of the offseason and has already broken the single season touchdown record set by Jamal Anderson in 98. The Vikings defense is coming off of some dominant performances against arguably the leagues best pass offense in Arizona, but are usually known for stuffing the run with great success. It would seem that if the Falcons are to pull out a win in the run game, they will have to find a way to incorporate Jerious Norwood into the run game, working the edge, because all Viking defenders will be working to shut down Michael Turner. Matt Ryan will be given the reigns in this early "playoff type" game. If Matt Ryan comes out as confident and prepared as he has in previous games after he has not fulfilled his expectations, look for the Falcons to put up plenty of points. Kevin Williams, Antoine Winfield, Darren Sharper, and Jared Allen will look to lead the defensive effort and the Falcons need to be aware of where they are at all times.

Minnesota Offense versus Atlanta Defense:

The Minnesota Offense lives and dies with Adrian Peterson, arguably the leagues best back and possibly most sensational player. Peterson's backup, Chester Taylor, is no "schmo" either and could start on numerous other NFL squads. The Minnesota passing attack is sub par, but has some talented playmakers in Bernard Berrian, Bobby Wade, Sidney Rice, and Visanthe Shaincoe. The starting quarterback, Gus Frerotte will be sidelined by injury, so the Vikings will put the passing game in the hands of Tavaris Jackson, an extremely physically gifted, but very inconsistent quarterback. Look for the Vikings to test the Falcons defense with the run and screens early on. Jackson's mobility should cause a few headaches for the Falcons occasionally nonexistent pass rush, but if John Abraham is on his game and if the Vikings are forced to go to the air, look for the Falcons defense to have a lot of success. If the Vikings two headed monster of a running attack gets going, however, look for this to be a long day for the Falcons defense. For the Falcons to succeed in shutting down Adrian Peterson they will need a great effort on all fronts, but especially from Rookie, Curtis Lofton, Grady Jackson, and Lawyer Milloy.

Special Teams:

The Minnesota kicker, Longwell, and the Atlanta kicker, Elam should have no problems kicking in the dome friendly atmosphere. Return man Jerious Norwood must be contained so that the Vikings defense doesn't make it hard on themselves, and the Falcons must shut down the speedy Bernard Berrians as a punt returners as well as a wide receiver.

Weather Conditions:

Both teams play in domes, so look for both teams to be very comfortable in their own shoes, other than the havoc that Vikings fans can create for opposing teams.


Both teams will come out looking to run. Even without both Williams' on the defensive front, the Vikings defense will be able to hold the Falcons running game in check other than a big run or two. Those big runs will makes things easier on Matt Ryan, who comes out firing and confident. Tavaris Jackson sees a slump from his previous heroics against Arizona, and is taken down 3 times (Abraham (2), Babineaux). The two headed monster of Minnesota cannot be stopped and Adrian Peterson racks up some good stats, even though Chester Taylor ended the game with the Vikings only rushing score. The game comes down to the fourth quarter where Roddy White rebounds from the Tampa Bay game and Matt Ryan hooks up with him for a score, while using terrific footwork and deceptive elusiveness The game is relatively high scoring, but the Falcons come away with a great road win and continue their unlikely trek to the playoffs.


Minnesota = 23 Atlanta = 34

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Good write up. Id like to add that we cannot turn the ball over. The vikes have taken advantage of some early, dumb turnovers like botched snaps and such. Thats how they jumped out on the cards, Warner fumbles they score and they got up early and made AZ play from behind which throws every team off there game plan. We need to force them to throw im not even a little afraid of TJ but if they get a lead and Peterson gets goin they will pry win big.

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I hope chester taylor falls into a deep hole and cant get out ever!

1-cause the falcons have to play him this sunday and while he doesnt really scare me running the ball its the catches he makes out of the back field that he averages 9 yards on that worries me!

2- peterson is my fantasy keeper and everytime i turn on a vikes game to see how he is doing i see taylor either run in a touchdown or catch one!

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Just to point out a few stats:

Vikings are 5-1 at home, losing to the Colts team that barely got out with a win

We're 3-4 on the road with wins in Green Bay, Oakland and SD and losses in Tampa, Carolina, Philthy and NO

The Vikings have forced like 15 or so turnovers in their last 7 or 8 games.

Vikings have turned over the ball a few times in the last 9 or 10 games (Not sure the exact amount)..

The Vikings have 41 sacks which ranks #3 in the league..

With that said, looking at the 2 teams it doesn't play into the Falcons favor at all. Can we go into Minnesota and beat a quality team on their turf? Will we be successful stopping AP and containing Berrian? Can we jump out early and score first?

What about our defense?? If I was Brian Van Gorder I'd put 8 or 9 in the box and make TJ beat us.. Just pray, stack the line and hope it works in our favor.. Have Milloy act as a 4th linebacker, leave Houston and Foxworth on an island and have Coleman back deep and just ****ing hope lol.

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That Cards are far and away the worst pass scoring defense....so last week wasn't that impressive....but it does show he was making good decisions with what they gave him.

If we can somehow slow up AP, we should win. That is much easier said than done though....especially when this team isn't exactly stellar at run D. I'm already having nightmares of AP running through, over, and around Keith Brooking.

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