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Coach Smith on the Playoffs


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Q: What do you think about the scenario that you could go 11-5 and still not make the playoffs?

A: “I haven’t really thought about the scenarios. I am looking through my microscope instead of my telescope this week. We can’t concern ourselves with the different scenarios. We just need to go out and play well. At the end of it, the league will tell 12 teams that they will get an opportunity to continue playing. That is how we have to look at it. I don’t think we need to concern ourselves with any of the scenarios. There is going to be 16 games played this weekend and the following weekend. I think there are going to be many things that will transpire on the football field that will affect the outcome.”

I know that Coach S has to be careful how he answers, and that a lot of responses are politically correct or even Coachspeak (kind of like this one:)

On the confrontation with Tampa Bay wide receiver Antonio Bryant:

A: “Antonio was on our sideline, and I politely asked him to go back over to his sideline.” :lol:

But on this comment, I think he is sincere about this approach, and I think it makes great sense. No need to be worried, concerned or even aware of "possible scenarios" for the playoffs. Let the geniuses at ESPN do all that. Just prepare, execute and win the next 2 games. That's all you can do, anyway!

Go, Coach Smith!!

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This attitude by Mike Smith displayed here is the same attitude he started with the day TD and Arthur Blank hired him 11 months ago. He couldn't care less about past history, past records, experts opinions, or PREDICTIONS.

He is one dedicated and focused football coach, and we are d.amned lucky to have him.

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With a coach like this it really should not surprise us we are doing so well. This guy is not only the model coach, he could also be the model of leadership for any organization.

What a fantastic pick TD made with our head coach. His demeanor on the sidelines would have already been enough for highlight films, with the way he gets that look of fury in his eyes. But the showdown with Antonio Bryant has become instant Falcon Lore to be worshipped for the ages.

It's funny to think all we are seeing now really is going to be talked about as long as there is an Atlanta Falcon team. Seasons like this are what dreams are made of.

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