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Falcons uniform


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I'm fed up of these uniform threads.

Wouldn't have to worry about uniform threads if the league just stuck to 2 uniforms Home and Away instead of having 9 different ones which is totally stupid. The Black and silver with the old logo I like that one better anyway. But if it comes down to what we have now gotta go with the all black...

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No. The red is better.

If they'd ever go back to the silver pants, I would OK the black jerseys.

Yes, the black jerseys/silver pants/black helmet was a killer look. The old logo had to go, but the Falcons should have retained the basic look.

I do wish they would get rid of the red piping on the black jerseys. It's a cheap looking add-on that's even worst that the Technicolor sleeves.

You can bet no one who knew a football is pointed designed these post-2003 uniforms.

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