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Hello From Vikes Land


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Hey guys,

Not here to start any trouble. Just looking for some insite in to this weeks game from a different fans point of view.

What do you guys think about the Vikes and your chances of winning. Like most fans we beleive we can win but are concerned about your QB, Def and White. We think we can stop Turner as we are pretty good at stopping the run....

Just looking for friendly conversation...

Good Luck and we will see, I like our chances in the metro dome, we have history there. ;)

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Hello Falcon fans...look forward to a exciting game this Sunday. The future faces of the NFL Ryan & Peterson will be showcased this weekend so how can any NFL fan not be excited.

Now to the crux of my response....yes the 98 Championship game still haunts me as a Vikings fan. It will never be forgotten. So many chances to win that game and put it away but our coaching staff let us down. The only thing that maintains sanity for us is if we had won...we would have hobbled into the Susperbowl. We had so many season ending injuries that game...John Randle (our star defensive player) being at the top of the list.

So many other dissapoitments after that game have helped (strangely enough) supress 1998. 41-0 to the Giants...the Arizona game...it goes on and on. That's the life of a Vikings fan...4 superbowl lossess...Herschal Walker trade....1987 Championship game...the Drew Pearson push off...I could go on for hours. If you can take being a loyal Viking fan....you can take any pain life has to offer.

Good Luck Sunday

Same for being a long-time, loyal Falcons fan. That's a lesson in pain. At least you have had back-to-back winning seasons and no coaches quit on you. And if you had made it to the Big Dance in '98, you probably wouldn't have had to deal with the embarrassment of your starting free safety getting nailed while trying to get a BJ the night before the biggest game of his team's existence.

This will be a good game, though, for all the reasons already posted.

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VIKING FANS ARE TAKING OVER EVERY SITE,YOUTUBE,FACEBOOK,MYSPACE, EVEN WHEN I WAS A PACKER FAN, THEY WERE THERE TO,I CAN'T STAND THEM except for ones that are only on viking posting sites :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

You switched teams? You have no credibility.

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hey vikesfan,

The Vikings are my second favorite team(I have a lot of family from and in Minnesota), but my heart will always be with the Falcons. A lot of the time when I'm out and about I'm wearing a Vikings jacket and a Falcons hat and I'm sure I confuse everybody! I'm pumped for this game, seeing two of the best running backs in the league going at it! But of course I can't help but cheer for Atlanta. If Atlanta happens to lose out on the WC contest but Minnesota manages to win the division, I'll be rooting for the Vikes in the playoffs.

As for our punt returns...just check out the Carolina at Atlanta game from a few weeks ago. You'll see this rising beast in Harry Douglas running all over the Carolina ST. :D

As for Vick...I think he's an idiot as a person but I think he's served his time and HOPEFULLY learned from his thugtastic mistakes, and if that's the case, I think an NFL owner that doesn't care about what a potential PR disaster Vick will be should take him, like Al Davis or Jerry Jones if Jones doesn't want a QB problem if Romo breaks something again. He's an amazing athlete with amazing speed and agility that shouldn't be barred forever. But only if he's learned his lesson. I'll definitely be watching him, but I'll take my Matty Ice over him any day. :D

Good luck this Sunday and may the best team win! I hope your players know to not mess with any of the Falcons players otherwise Coach Smith WILL get right up in your player's face and "politely tell him to go back to his own sideline"!

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