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Anyone in Section 234

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Hey guys and ladies, Im a first time STH and went to the game thinking that the dome will be rocking b/c of the implications for this game. Well I think everyone in the dome was ready except for SECTION 234. I understand why Atlanta fans get the criticism we do now. There was a guy, 2 to 3 rows down from me trying to get the section to get up and scream and make some noise, but everyone just sat there, even yelling telling the guy to sit down. It was AWFUL, to the point he called everyone WEAK. My wife attended her first game and she made more noise than those fools. Anyone else in the area witness this please chime in.

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Well you have some on here that like to argue the Dome crowds of 2008 are the same as 2004, and some yesterday were blaming the limp crowd on Fox TV turning down the crowd noise in lieu of the commentators and that the dome was actually on par with any other NFL stadium.

I've been to 2 games this year, I'm not buying it. People really do look at you funny if you get wild, like its a tea party or something.

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