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There are NO playoffs, not yet anyway


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I'm a little worried about their defense. I can see this being a low scoring, field position game.

They have a knack for coming up with the turnover. I just hope the game isn't close because AP will be a problem as the game wears on. We need to get a lead and minimize the amount of touches he gets.

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Sheesh I love the winning, and the playoff race. But I am already a nervous wreck, and I am fading down the stretch. I need some help in the training room coach.

Yeah all that matters in the entire universe for a Falcon fan is the Vikings. But dang you know you just can't help thinking about the playoffs.

I hope Smitty can keep our guys focused like he has all year. Well that was a dumb thing to say: I know he will have them ready.

But but but I am getting gettin gettin very very nervous.


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Dear Mr. Snobby Season Ticket Holder,

Please forgive us silly fans whom get excited that their team is on the brink of the greatest single season turnarounds in our team's history. Some of us enjoy looking at what can happen in a good light instead of what might happen in a dark one.

Yours Truely,

A Common Fan

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