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What we should take from today.


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As I sit here unable to sleep of the sheer exhaustion that I went through earlier today...

The fumble at the 1...


How many times did you ask yourself: "How is this happening?"

How many times did you tell yourself: "It's okay, Matt's got another chance."

I know I did. I honestly continued to feel that we should put the ball in his hands. I don't care that he threw two picks, he's already earned all of my confidence.

In overtime... he delivered. He continued to fight. Those runs... he never runs. He had to make plays and he picked up crucial yards when we really needed them. He knew how to do it.

It was very very very very ugly. We will say this was one of the worst games of his career... but when it came down to it, in overtime.... he won.

He won the worst game he has played as a Falcon.

That is a testament to our defense. Everybody was talking about how Tampa had to come out and stop the run. How Tampa couldn't let up two weeks in a row.

Well, neither could we. Our defense held them to a field goal after the blocked punt. Our defense held them to 10 total points regardless of turnovers.

Our defense is not our better unit, but today they were.

That is a GREAT sign of what is to come.

LETS GO! If we play how we played today defensively and our offense is clicking... we can beat any team. We HAVE BEATEN the precious Carolina Panties by multiple scores.

Let's not sleep on ourselves. Let's believe. We CAN beat any team in this league.

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Good post. I've already stopped thinking "here we go again" when something goes wrong.

...sorry to say, but it was something I learned about the Falcons over the years- we found ways to lose. ...now... we seem to figure out how to win. I really do believe that we can beat anyone in the league. We won't every time, but I have as much faith in the team now, as ever. Matt Ryan is a freakin winner. I have no doubt he will be the best Falcon QB ever.

...and for the record, I still believe that Rader fumble was a TD.

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