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Watch this video.


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I like strahan, except for his NY homerism, but he doesnt try to hide it, so its okay.

Marshall Faulk is an idiot, talking out his *** 1/2 the time

Yah, I'll give you Strahan the Homerism is expected only 1 year removed from playin.

But every time Faulk or Deion talk I cringe... I wish they had an entrance exam for sports analyst positions...

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Look at how legitimately happy he looks to be here. We were in full on disaster mode and this kid is beaming. Sure he knew he was going to collect millions but look around at a typical sports draft and you see guys who look less than thrilled when they get their name called by poor teams. Not Matt. Matt looked stoked.

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"He has no Oline, no Dline."

"They lost Warrick Dunn."


Wow. We've come a long way. It's beautiful.

Thanks for posting, I had not seen it, being a new Falcons fan. I do believe one of the announcers has been eating Falcon poo-poo for some time now......."How's he gonna handle this? How's he gonna handle that?" HAHAHAHA I think he's showed them EXACTLY how he handles things! With a great team & Coach to back him up, with his talent & smooth skill, that's how, Mr. Announcer, whoever you are..........

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