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Mike Smith or Leman Bennett?


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I am convinced that Mike Smith should win Coach of the Year. With that being said I cannot fathom his absolute refusal to get off of the running game when it isn't as effective. Don't get me wrong, Turner broke 100 yards again. Still, we barely won. We had the ball twice late in the game and the senario was run-run-pass-kick. It allowed them to kick the tying FG along with that blocked punt. We had the ball with just under a minute in regulation and we refused to go downfield once. Twice we're on the 10 and we run the ball. We never threw into the end zone excpet when they intercepted it. We seem scared to to the things that the other team cannot stop. The run did enable us to set up the winning FG but before that it was just comical that our passing game was working and after the two picks by TB we really quit throwing for most of the remainder of the game.

Still, we won but 3 more turnovers (2 in the end zone) bothers me. Maybe its because I go to the games and have backed this team from day one. Next week its the Vikes who have a horrible pass defense and good run defense. Coach Smith, lets kick that team's butt!!!

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