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McKay expected to be candidate for Lions GM job


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If the dots haven’t already been connected, they soon will be. Detroit is expected to have Atlanta president Rich McKay on its list of general manager candidates.

For one thing, McKay attended Princeton with Lions vice chairman Bill Ford Jr., who was two years ahead of McKay. For another, when McKay ran the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, one of the first Plan B free agents he signed was acting Lions general manager Martin Mayhew. Last offseason, McKay had at least two other chances to leave Atlanta — an indication of the respect he commands around the league. And lastly, McKay has the credentials for the job.

It is believed that the Lions haven’t talked with anybody yet about their general manager job. But if and when they do, McKay is expected to be on the list of candidates the Lions will want to question.

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Guest WoodyPaige

I know everyone's supposed to hate McKay, but a lot of his "busts" turned out to be pretty good after all. Nevertheless, I don't really care if he goes.

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ha, they can have him. TD matched the talent McKay drafted over 5 years in one..... ill help pack his bags as long as he takes Brooking with him. Maybe in Det, McKay can rebuild a Def Backfield with studs like MeAndgelo, Jimmy Williams, McCaddem, and Bryan Scott

You're just focusing on his misses, if you look at his overall work it wasn't that bad.

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