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Just read it.........ya might wanna read it....

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I feel ya man, me and my buddies at the bar are always jumping up and down and yelling players names and chugging in their honor, haha and im 24. HAHA i love me some falcons football. oh and i live in the middle of virginia, so its redskin country out here, so just picture 4 guys in falcon jerseys just actin the fool. owell ... GO FALCONS! :lol:

Hey you should see the looks I get cruising around in my Falcons gear!

9er's and Chokeland fans just glaring at me.....I just laugh at them!

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Our house needs to be so loud when Tampa is on the field that even the TV announcers have to yell to get the mics to work. If Garcia is allowed to just go about his biz like he's in practice, we'll be in trouble. We do HAVE to have this game. There is no way we make the playoffs if we lose after dropping that game last week. This is the season, people, so let's treat it like it!

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