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how is it laurent has been praciticng the last 4 weeks

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I think he's done in Atlanta.

Cut him, get it over with and get someone else in the draft next year.

He hasn't done anything, he can never get on the field and it's starting to piss me off. I was at the Tampa game week 2 and he had two tremendous catches then disappeared for the rest of the season.

Let's move on, screw him. He would be our fifth receiver right now.

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I still like this guy. You cannot say he doesnt have heart. He went up in the air for a catch earlier this year on 3rd down with NO REGARD for his body. If he didnt have heart he wouldnt give himself up like that. I dont like the fact that he seems to be hurt a lot, but the guy has heart. He will give up his body to make a play.

Just look at the Tampa game earlier this year. That 3rd down catch was sick.

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A whopping 5for 52 yrds taking up space needs to move on.

Hes still good. Regardless of what you may think about him being injury prone. I still think back to the Tampa game. He went up for a 3rd down catch and gave up his body to do so. He may have gotten hurt on that play. He still made the catch to move the chains and keep hopes alive for Ryan and the Falcons.

How can you not like a guy who gives up his body like that?

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