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Probowl votes


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I think the poster was upset over the fact that none of our players were in the top 10 of their respective positions....including Turner, White, and Abraham.

Exactly. Like I said I don't usually give a rip one way or the other about the probowl, but our players do care. It means something to them and this group of men have played their tails off this year. None of our players are in the top 10 in fan voting. After the turnaround of this franchise from top to bottom this year it's embarrassing.

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The coaches and players will probally have some Falcons in there. It is sad that Turner is the 2nd leading rusher and first in touchdowns. Roddy White is first in recieving yards and neither get no love. Ryan has turned this franchise around and he gets no love.It is ok though because we will have some respect when we spank everyone in the playoffs.

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what do you expect??

brees, manning, and warner are better then ryan stats wise and record wise so of course they are gonna be a shoe in.

COP OUT: Lame excuse

Ryan is in a tougher division than Warner

Brees is 7-7 (1-6 ON THE ROAD!!!)

Manning has a better team around him right now but only has 1 300 passing game this season

They might as well Put in Mr #omo.

Its a shame how all these qbs still have more INT's than Ryan does this season. Yet they still get a higher voting <_<

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