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Bucs/Panthers In-Game Thread

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That would be awesome. That's definitely our best scenario.

Second best scenario is a CAR win. Don't get it twisted folks. It's the conference and division records that matter. A win for TB here and the division is pretty much gone for us. A wildcard could be difficult too. We'd still be behind CAR and DAL with several teams right on our as.

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UGH. I can't help but loathe both teams. I'll need a shower after watching this to wash the stench off. Every time they show Garcia, Delhomme, Smith, Chucky, John Fox, it makes me wish someone would take one or all of their heads off.

I'm with you. I have a bottle of alcohol here next to me in the hotel room. I keep trying to root for a team there - but all I end up rooting for is someone to get hit hard - really, really hard. Sux when you can't even force yourself to root for a team to help your own out.

I just hope they all hurt each other a lot so they can't play well the rest of the season. No major injuries - just a lot of pain.

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