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Roddy White is amazing


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How is it that the other team knows for a fact that Ryan is looking for Roddy on 3rd down YET they still complete 95% if not higher of those passes. It's amazing! The way to beat this team is have a high octane offense and just win the shoot out other wise you cant stop this offense. Only this offense can stop itself. If you drop everyone into coverage the run game kills you AND the clock leaving you with no chance to compete. You have to attack Turner hard and take your chances with the pass and pray that your offense can keep up. Imagine if we make it to the playoffs and go up against a team with an offense comparable to Baltimore. Could we beat Baltimore's defense? I think it would be tough but I believe Matt Ryan can beat their blitz, and if they cant blitz effectively we can definitely beat them. What better story for the NFL....two rookie QBs face off in the super bowl. Make it happen Roger "I am the NFL" Goodell.

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