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As bad as the D played...

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we were still 2 plays away from getting the only road win in the NFC South. I think we will bounce back against the Bucs and Vikings. Looking at the schedule its a trend we lose one win two...and I think we will handle St. Louis in the dome. GO FALCS!!! WIN OUT WE MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!

Thats the spirit!

Guys, maybe this guy is right, lets stop crying in our proverbial beer.

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LOL..Who's Crying -_- -_-

We were supposed to Win 1 or Max 2 Game this year... I'll be more than happy if we have Winning Season with Rookie QB and Rookie Coach..

Do I want my Falcons in the Playoff.. **** Yah...

I echo those sentiments, asterisks and all.

I actually want Matty Ice to be ROY too. Thanks to the Ravens, this will be hard to achieve. Flacco is a jerk.

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