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This weekly review continues to monitor:

#1- we must run the ball well.

#2-we must defend the pass.

#1-We did not run the ball well. We seemed to get whipped up front.

We also left the run and went to the pass. We lost. :mellow: When we win we

do tend to pound the rock and pound it successfully. Norwood is not

at full strength, I think it looks like an ankle from the tape job he is wearing.

He is still more useful than the number of carries he gets would indicate.

He is catching passes but being hit immediately. Just a waste not to use

him more. Turner was hemmed up for the most part with no hole to run

into. He is still running hard and is hard to bring down. Hats off to the Saints.

#2-It seemed like yards after the catch was the big problem. Colston helped us

with a drop or two. We couldn't get to Brees again because he is slippery and

knows just how step up/over to change the angles for our rushers. They beat

us like a drum with the run and passing was almost secondary this week.

Other observations: Matt Ryan showed us the fade pass that he has previously

underthrown for picks. I have said that it would make all the sense in the world

when he throws it like he wants to. With our tall receivers we should see a lot

more of that look in the future.

Special teams play was awful this week and it is usually a strength.

I have seen coaches punt with under 5 minutes left many times over the years

and I don't remember the strategy resulting in many wins. This is the usual outcome:

that the defense doesn't stuff them for a 3 and out and the team that punts gets

the ball back without enough time and throws a pick or they just don't get it back.

Having seen this so many times I believe in taking your chances when you have

them. Worse case scenario is that the game is over a little sooner if you miss.

You have taken your shot...and I like those odds better than hoping to get it back.

Your comments are always welcome.

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