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The Front 7 Failed, and this loss sucked, but it's nothing to feel ashamed about


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Winning on the road in this division is nearly impossible. It's only been done 2 times. The Saints are a good football team - every team in this Division is a good football team. Matt Ryan is doing things never seen before. Our Running game is erratic, but Ryan is always solid - always gives this team a chance to win every game.

We have the Bucs coming to the Dome. It's going to be loud, and this team is going to be pissed off. And the Bucs are going to see a very different QB than the one they played in week 2.

Our Defense needs to take this week and reflect a little on themselves, because the Saints exposed our inability to stop the Run. It is clear we are going to see a LOT of Caddilac Williams next Sunday. We better figure out a way to stop him. And our Special Teams needs to get their heads out of their ***** and start tackling. We cannot afford 80 yard kickoff returns against the Bucs.

We are still in Playoff Contention, thanks to other teams losing today. 8-5 isnt so bad. We are in good shape right now still.

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I fully expect the Defense to come out on fire next week versus Tampa. They'll be riding on a wave of emotion for the first couple possesions and hopefully that'll be enough for our offense to get on a hot early start and make enough plays and take this game.

Don't want to try and get into a defensive struggle with Tampa. They'll break us if we do that.

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