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this is why you dont punt the saints the ball

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i have first off been a fan since 88, i read these boards every night and i have never been so pissed at a coaches decision in recent memory

Im not sure what yard line they were on when it was fourth and five, i know we had two timeouts because of a mediocre challenge

three plus minutes left and a two min warning. The ball was somewhere around the fourty yard line. It was a four point game in a game that had the definate feel of last score would win the game.

The reason behind punting the ball is based soley upon the idea that using the two minute warning and the two final timeouts that we could have stopped them with a three and out, got the punt and then scored a touchdown. FIrst off does it seem easier to hold the number one offense to a three and out, on the road, late in the fourth after they constantly ripped up and down the field at leisure. Then after that in a few minutes (2) to be exact rip back up the field and score a touchdown with no timeouts. Or would gaining five yards be a little bit easier to do .

second part of my argument, say we do go for it, we have so many weapons to cover and so many plays designed to gain five yards. so say we had a coach with a sack in his pants, we go for it, we come up a yard shy, the ball is at mid field. they still have the ball at midfield. They still have the same opportunity to get a three and out with the same amount of time on the clock, same amount of time outs basically the same situation it was after the punt, just thirty yards closer to a field goal that could only logically be kicked if in fact they got the lethal first down in the first place. even with a field goal, a miraculous long one with much risk, we still get the ball back with a shot in an essential one score game.


if we went for it, we either get the first down, at least we have a chance to get the chains moved, worst case we dont get it, we still have to get a three and out and we can still get the ball back down seven at worst.

instead we punt it to the number one offense on the road and watch the clock tick down, im ticked off about the challenge that burnt a timeout, i am really mad we didnt put the ball in our playmakers hands and at least have a shot to win, does this make sense to everyone. a three and out for the saints offense after a blown fourth and five is essentially the same as a three and out after the punt, the field position is only a twenty five yard swing, and we forfeited a shot at completing a five yard play and never looking back.

IM still shaking my head yet every coach punts the ball in simialar situations every week, why, i have no clue. BAD DECISION

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see i thought we should go for it as well, but you have to make a quick call as a coach in that situation. i thought of everything you wrote after the game when i got a chance to really think about it. hindsight is 20/20. i would've went for it based on the fact the d seemed lost out there and couldn't stop the saints, but we had our opportunities before this.

boley dropped an INT

a barely missed INT in the redzone

ryan's INT when we were driving down their throats

more penalties than usual

a lot of things led up to this loss. despite our lack of defense today this team continued to grind and grind. this is still a young team and we just have to learn how to win football games like that. it will come with time, but we're just not at that level yet. tampa needs to be treated like a playoff game next week. dome needs to be rocking. i'm over the loss bring on da bucs!!!

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