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my recap and thoughts


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matt ryan, aside of that int, did very well today

roddy white is a monster

turner did ok

jenkins did ok as well


the defense could not have stopped thomas and bush in a game of two hand touch

when did jeremy shockey become good all of the sudden?

and yeah i woulda went for it on 4th down instead of punting

(for those that would criticize that, WE HADNT STOPPED THE SAINTS RUNNING GAME ALL DAY....and they were gonna do nothing but run once they got the ball back)

the future of the falcons:

we basically need to win out

the tampa game is do or die

i say give the ball to matt ryan and say just do what you've been doing all year

justin peele has to be a bigger part of our offense

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you can't soften up the defense if you throw 40 times. you need balance. thats been our keys to winning. look at the eagles for example. when they played us they had balance. then they went back to passing on every down and lost a bunch of games. The last two weeks they were balanced and won easily over two good teams. we need turner. no turner production. more matt ryan 300 yard games and losses.

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