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Our offense is for real


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Our offense hasnt skipped a beat this year. we have had only 3 games where we have scored less than 20 points. furthermore we have scored well over 20 points in each of our last 6 games.

Matt Ryan makes this offense extremely relevant. Its so refreshing to have such a good QB at our helm. think how good we will be, we will be the model of consistency around the league like the colts.

Matt Ryan will be our franchise guy for the next decade, and we have Michael Turner for the next 6 years. We just need to lock up Roddy and we have such a nasty offense. Then we have the role players that are great at what they do: HD, norwood both contribute on special teams and are fast players on offense.

All we have to do is make sure to keep infusing talent into the offensive line every year, and maybe a TE. I love this offense.

Defense is another story, got a long way to go. We need to just load up on good dlineman, because that is where we are lacking mostly, perhaps another safety since milloy is gone after this year, and OLB may become an issue because we will not resign boley most likely, and brooking is old

Will be a very interesting free agency period.

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