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Why everyone blaming D?

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1) D gave 3 FGS with tons of Yards But they still stopped them for FG's

2) 1st TD was given because of Short Field (INT) --

3) 2nd TD was given cause of ST play.. D was put in bad situation....

Plus, SAINTS OFFense always had good position to start.....

SAINTS went on 4 and 1 instead of tie the game..... Why didn't we go.. I would never understand....

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Our D wasnt the normal falcons D were used to seeing but i dont think everyone is seeing that if we stack the box brees is going to throw i mean he threw what like 400 yards the first time i think the d did all they could

the aints have two good *** running backs peiere or how ever you say his name was doing work quick as **** and Bush is just bush so i thought it was a good *** game and cant wait till next week

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