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Lay this one squarely on the players.


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I'm usually one of the first guys to jump on a coach when a unit or a team looks unmotivated or plays poorly. Today was not one of those days where I could do that for several reasons.

1.) Our DT's flat out stunk up the joint today. They were getting driven off the ball allowing gaping holes straight up the gut for the FB and RB to get to the second level. That's not scheme. That's poor effort.

2. A) Our linebackers are horrible at shedding blocks. Mike Carney (Saints starting FB) was out today and our backers were letting themselves get lit up by a backup FB... Lofton especially.

2. B) On that note our backers also really struggle in man to man coverage vs. RB's and TE's. They also bite to hard on fakes leaving them out of postion.

3.) There's just an overall lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball. John Abraham can only do so much. He's consistently drawing double teams and no one is helping him out down there on that line.

4.) Our O-line doesn't consistently get a good push up front. We get blown up by some pretty mediocre linemen sometimes.

5.) Special teams coverage wasn't very good today. We let one saints gunner beat a double team block and drop us inside the 10 on a very returnable ball and we missed 4 tackles on that 88 yard return. Again not scheme. Poor effort on the players part.

With that said here's what you can blame the coaching staff for.

1) Mularkey seems to be forcing the run game a little to much. I'm all for being a smashmouth running team. I think it's great but crashing into the wall time after time after time when it's netting you very little isn't the best idea. I personally think we should be attacking the perimeter more than we are with Norwood. If we keep running Turner like we have been he's gonna really start wearing down.

2) Zone coverage. I hate it. I hate it with the passion of 10 fiery gods. Playing 10 yards off a reciever when they only need 5 for a first down is dumb. Playing off big recievers in a timing based offense is really really asking for trouble. You play cover-2 for a reason so your corners can get aggressive and try and knock guys off routes without having to worry about big plays. Just watch any Patriots championship team they excelled at knocking guys off timing routes (even after the rule crackdown).

It's the little things that matter most in this game. A wrong step here and taking a play off there will get you beat and today it got us beat.

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