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Ryan showed his Favre side today.


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Tossing balls down field and letting the receivers make the play. Plays on the run, pump faking to get room. White is the best receiver in the NFL and there is no argument against that.

You could say Ryan will be better than Brees next year, or even this year. How many yards does Brees get of screens and wheel routes compared to Ryan? We saw today that he miss-fired down field all day. The line needs Baker back, and a road grater at RG if we are going to get through the 8 man boxes we see every week. (Despite Ryan shredding defenses)

D-Line needs a lot of work. We need another RDE and another DT before we worry about SS. Abe is amazing but he isn't in on every play, a pass rushing RDE would keep constant pressure when Abe is out. We need an all pro DT, even Grady was getting blown up today. We got torn up by draws which to me says we are not getting pressure up the middle.

Houston is making a living out of carrying WRs out of bounds for an incomplete. Foxy got burned once today. Brooking played well, Boley is still absent and he dropped the game winning pick. Someone is getting a small contract for Christmas. :rolleyes:

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