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Final Rec 11-5


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The Falcons Will not lose another regular season game, we get the bucs at home is one advantage, I don't think they will score enougth points

to keep up with us and they can not defend a no huddle off. proven in the 1st game but for some reason we stop doing it and ryan is perfecting it right now and it's going to be a short week for the bucs and thats a bad time for a short after carolina and then coming to Atl.

Minn. will be a good game for a half but the don't anything but a running game and if they can't balance that which they can't with jackson [Ferotte got hurt] they don't have a chance.

And then there is St. Louis, I think they would just stay at home and end the season then travel to Atl for no reason, they are trying to find a head coach.

There for I see 3 teams out the south and the Falcons are one of them

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