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Players that showed up today and played with heart

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you gotta relax. Abraham played with heart today and so did everyone else. It just wasn't the Falcons day today. I think we could have probably won the game if the coach had let Ryan go for it on 4th and 5 because our defense was struggling.

Yes I was going to say include Abe. Babs played OK as well. Also I didn't think the secondary played that bad. Really Brees did not kill us they just gashed us on the run. The rest of the DL and the LB's did not show up.

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Who is "Swift Hitter" to judge who played with emotion? Nobody, that's who. No one cares what you think.

Ditto......no one can convince me that the Falcon's didn't play with heart, but they are human and can be outdone on any given Sunday! I think they came back strong in the 2nd half & deserve our support through thick & thin...it's so NOT NICE to point fingers!! The Saint's showed up totally psyched & it showed.......and they also played with heart, which is hard to swallow because I wanted this win for the Falcon's SO BAD! It's a hard game to play facing talent in the opposing team, so give the Falcons credit for a job well done!!!

P.S. Matt Ryan, loved the TD dude!!!

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