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theres a reason they are the #1 offense. they are quite good

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No...our D just didnt play well. No excuse to allow them to rush for over 180yds...Saints havent come close to that all year. Then, they shut our running game down, which their D hasnt done so well doing, all year. Our D and ST's, just did not come to play today. If they could have made just one big play(the Int that Boley had would have been the one), we win.

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So are you saying we have a good defense? Because if that's the case, then you're crazy. If you aren't saying we have a good defense, then your point is moot, because the counter-argument, as of now, is we don't have a good defense.

when did i say anything about us being a good defense i just said we are not as bad as everyone is saying

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