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Difference In The Game


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That interception that Matty threw today was the difference in the game. The Saints got 7 points out of that. Just part of the learning process. We'll go and get 'em next week. :)

Total Yards - ATL (414), NO (414)

Passing Yards - ATL (315), NO (230)

Rushing Yards - ATL (99), NO (184)

First Downs - ATL (22), NO (24)

3rd Downs - ATL (7/12), NO (4/10)

4th Downs - ATL (0/0), NO (1/1)

Turnovers - ATL (1), NO (0)

Penalties - ATL (5 - 34), NO (3 - 30)

T. O. P. - ATL (32:52), NO (27:08)

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That hurt us, but I think what hurt us alot more was the fact that we let the 28th ranked rushing offense in the league go for a season high (and almost 100 yards over their average) in this game...

The Saints totally crossed us up like the Broncos. This was so much like the Broncos. Neither team cares to run the ball and we spend all week trying to find a way to stop the pass and then they come out and run it right down our throats and we don't make adjustments. We need to learn to make in game adjustments.

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