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MichaelBoley, are you kidding me?


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He can't make that last tackle against Thomas because he's soft and that's unacceptable. He gets blocked so easily. But that isn't the worst part. I truly believe we win this game if he only knew how to catch a football. He's a flippin pro and can't make that basic grab??

I agree with those who think we should not have punted .. this is not hindsight either. Our D couldn't do much today against either the run or pass and we're expecting them to do it now??

Perhaps we need to look at Douglas returning kick offs as well. I don't know if it was just a bad day, but make some in game changes please ... Jerious was doing nothing.

OMG, I am a Brooking supporter, but the writing is plastered on the wall. If he's here next year, then he's making the vet min.

I feel bad for Matt .. what a game. We certainly should have continued to throw against this pathetic secondary to set up the run. The Saints D is terrible.

Bottom line is our D let us down big time and specifically Michael Boley.

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I am devestated about this loss I can't accecpted and I won't , Boley does not need to be in there as well as brooking if they can't make plays, Boley if he would have made that catch we would have won PERIOD, HE HAD GOOD PLAY RECONINITION and should have stopped them right there to kill the clock. they go for it and the rest is history THANKS BOLEY FOR DROPPING THE GAME <_< D-A-M-N

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