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The Comprehensive Jamaal Anderson Week 14 Thread


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Instead of having a dozen little threads this week, lets try to keep as much of it to this thread as possible.

So, what have you seen from Anderson thus far this week?

I've been watching his first step closely today. It's really bad. There is a very, very noticeable difference between the line's speed off the snap and Anderson's.

What else have you guy's noticed?

And lets try to keep this civil.

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You know what I have seen in the game. I have seen The aints running away from JA98 and using a RB to chip or screen JA98 on passing downs. He has been in the backfield and forced Brees up in the pocket.

As a whole, all of the DE have been doing a good job. The DT are just not able to get pressure today. They may be worried about the draws that have burned us so far.

Thats my take so far.

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Dude was bad today, but so was the rest of the defense.

Anderson is one of the least explosive linemen off the snap that I've ever seen in the NFL. Everyone else is almost totally out of their stance before Anderson even starts moving. You can't give NFL tackles that much time to get set.

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