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Who else is building that hate for Tampa Bay?


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It has taken six years but it is coming. You know that hate reserved for San Fran and Dallas? They always seem to give us fits and they just may stand it our way again for the division.
I have hated them more than any team since 2002. By far. Noone else even comes close. I hope we can beat the Aints today and set up a showdown against the pirates next week.
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I love the Bucs!

WHAT!?!?! :o You're a Bucs fan Bucamn??? And you think you know someone....

But to answer the posters question, I really don't despise the Bucs as much as I do the Saints, and the Panthers. But usually on the Sunday's we have to play them I manage to build malice for them. No offense Bucman, you know how it is...

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Order of my favorite teams in the division

1 FALCONS-well duh..we're awesome..lol

2 BUCS-they have players like dunn and graham that ive become big fans of..their not our longest rivals either,yea they can have some obnoxious fans but still...not as bad as saints fans

3 PANTHERS-their fans are respectful to me at falcon/panther game every year in carolina..so they rank 3rd

4 SAINTS-their always overrated their our longest rivals their fans are the most annoying morons ever

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