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One thing that's promised today: lots of big plays.

One would expect them to happen on offense, given the two teams playing today. Michael Turner tops the League with carries of 10 or more yards on the season:

Here's the '08 list, before Week 14 kickoff:

1) Michael Turner, Atlanta, 33

2) Adrian Peterson, Minnesota, 32

3) Clinton Portis, Washington, 29

4) Thomas Jones, NY Jets, 27

5) Chris Johnson, Tennessee, 25

6) Marion Barber, Dallas, 23

Brandon Jacobs, NY Giants, 23

Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo, 23

Derrick Ward, NY Giants, 23

DeAngelo Williams, Carolina, 23

But as explosive as both of these offenses are, I have a hunch that a big play on defense will turn the tide in this one. With Eric Coleman confirmed to start and our secondary making strides every week, could a pick to the house be in the cards?

Also, we're monitoring Sam Baker's situation closely. J. Mike will have the inactives up shortly, and we'll see if the big rookie from USC is going to make it back in the starting lineup for the first time in over two months.

This one is big on so many levels. It's also one of the most dangerous games of the four remaining. The Saints have their backs to the wall, with a Falcons victory all but ending their '08 playoff hopes. A Falcons victory puts them in prime position for a playoff appearance.

When you enter the Superdome as the visiting team, you come in behind one end zone and walk all the way across the field to our locker room after your bags pass by the noses of several bomb-sniffing dogs. We had the good fortune of walking with Matty Ice, and he was calm, cool and focused as a gaggle of cameramen from Fox and NFL Films quickly surrounded him.

It's a new era in Falcons football, and these are games you expect to win. Let's grab hold quickly and not let go. It's time to get OUR crowd - the hundreds of Atlanta fans that made the trip - into the game early. It's time to play FALCONS FOOTBALL.

Are you ready?


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man...this is gonna be awesome...if i could just get back to a somewhat conscious state of mind...met with great white hope yesterday, and he said "even if you don't WANNA get drunk, new orleans has a way of GETTING you drunk"...yeah, that's right haha

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In 34 years now, I've seen alot of these 'pivotal' games come along, and sad to say, we haven't been able to step up to the challenge most of the time. This is a huge statement game for this season. We have the chance to put ourselves in the playoffs with wins the next few games, but it all starts here. Yes, the Saints are probably better than their record, but if we are what we think and hope we are, this is when we step up and take control of our own destiny. We can either say we're the same ol' Falcons, or we can say we ARE the Falcons, and we are writing our own legacy starting today!

I'm always pumped for Saints games, but this one is HUGE, and I'm so nervous I can hardly sit still, lol. Here's to going from a surprise team, to a good team, to a great team doing great things!

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