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OLB Need


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We all know that we need to find a replacement for brooking and possibly Boley. I still think that we will Resign Boley though.

A lot of people are split between drafting an OLB early in the Draft and getting one in Free Agency

I think that we should sign somebody in Free Agency. It is a good chance that we lose both Brooking and Milloy, and without them, we are a EXTREMELY young defense. we need an experienced guy who will be around for about 3-5 years.

The player that I like the most is Karlos Dansby, but I also like Leroy Hill.

We cannot go TOO young on the D. We need some good experience.... especially in our Linebacker Core.

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The only two guys I'd take in FA are young:

Lamar Myles (perfect for the Cover 2 WLB spot but has fallen off of FA radar since he went undrafted)

Ezra Butler (was drafted by 49ers but he enjoys his marijuana and was cut - unfortunate since he was penciled in to start)


Brandon Spikes - early

Gerald McRath - early

Mark Herzlich - early

Sean Witherspoon - early

Jonathan Casillas - late

are all guys I would look at in the draft

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You mean replacing Boley and possibly Brooking

Yeah I saw Lofton whiffing several times so by the replacing politburo then we will have to look at replacing him too. Abraham didn't get a sack so we might have to replace him as well. ;)

I am glad TD is the GM for our team or we would be the Washington Redskins every year replacing players with other players in FA, etc.

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LBs are great to draft because it is one of the easiest positions to transistion into the NFL.

I wouldnt touch Lance Briggs on a big deal. He isnt that great this season. I would look at Leroy Hill, because Dansby will get 50M or more.

And Suggs would be a RE in a 4-3, certainly not what we need. If we spend that kind of dough I would rather persue Peppers so we didnt have to face him 2x a year.

Man, imagine this:

RE - John Abraham

DT - Peria Jerry

DT - Jonathan Babineaux

LE - Julius Peppers

wow....but it wont happen.

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