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NFC Playbook: Falcons Offense vs Saints Defense

F@lcon Jack

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i love how Ryan uses his eyes to manipulate the safety. hes doing it almost like a veteran. this kid learns fast

Yeah, that last example where he froze the saftey in the middle of the end zone before firing off a perfect strike to roddy running a post was classic Ryan. That was the first time I saw it from that angle, and the safety was staring right into Ryan's eyes but had no idea where the ball was going. No way Matty completes that pass unless he freezes the safety by looking to the right the entire play, and only looked left when he was already throwing that way.

He did the same thing on that long completion to Jenkins that game. Looked right the entire time, knowing full well that he had Jenkins man-to-man on the left and that was where he was going. Think back to that monster completiong against the Bears, same thing. Matty is looking right the entire time, then bam, throws left to Jenkins. I've seen 5 year vets that can't look off a safety as well as Matty Ice.

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