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Die Hard Fan Stuck In Viking Land


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Before I get bombarded with Troll remarks, and accused of being a bandwagon fan, I wanna plead my case.

I grew up a falcons fan, since the early 90's, thats about the time I started paying alot of attention to NFL in General, partially because I started playing the sport in school. My family were all vikings fans, and they still are, I am the only black sheep. You can imagine the day I came home from practice, and told my father I wanted to be a falcon someday...... My ego, and my chores list were never the same that day forward.

Growing up in a viking community I never got any slack, and most often than not I had to shut my mouth, and swallow my pride as they danced around in purple attire. I mean seriously, how can a grown man justify himself in purple, unless of course he is a pimp, and is thus exempt from such scrutiny.

Then came the glory days of 1998......... My father was at that game, and let me tell you, it was a very quiet, and somber time between me and the old man, I can assure you.

Now 10 years later, they are slated to meet each other once again, at vikings home no less, OH THE IRONY! In the last 10 years I have moved far from home, but due to promotions, I actually ended up closer to the purple monster. A mere 3 hour drive....... <_<

So the old man called me up the other day, and asked if I was going to the game. My wife, a former cowgirls.... err uh boys...er uh.. . Drug addicts.... er uh YEAH! The team with the star on their helmets! fan has converted to the dark side, and became a falcons fan, both have tickets to the game. My father due to health issues, could not afford tickets, so my wife graciously stepped down, and said..... " I will let you 2 boys settle it" Heavy bold on the boys part there....... *Women....... * Sigh........

In all reality, this is likely the last time me and the old man get to battle it out. I realize everyone is focused on the saints game, and I too want us to win badly, but for this fan, only one game is on my agenda. The start of this season we had no hope, everyone said no way, and haters flocked in to gobble up the last meal. I was here for the last 10 years, and the team has been at a loss for anything really. They had no real goal, no clear defined agenda, but all that changed with Ryan. I dont typically post, just read alot......... I just gotta say, the kid (Ryan) surprised me in a way I never thought possible, and when the time comes..... I may just be the only Red jersey in a sea of purple, sitting next to the old man in purple, but at least he can look me in the eye, and see the stubborn dedication he has in me, and that my friends is a game that will go down in history.

Heres to one **** of a season, win or loss........

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Wow that was an incredible post. I had my wife read that and she got all misty eyed (I did too, but the machismo prevents me from admitting it).

I often wonder if the players, coaches, owners, and the rest really know the impact the NFL can have on people's lives. Yes it is just a game, but there are so many emotional aspects to the NFL that impact the really dedicated fan's lives. The 98 Viking game is without a doubt the greatest Falcon game in their very long history (I think we will see that one topped sometime in young Matt Ryan's career).

I really admire all the fans who stay loyal even though they live in hostile territory surrounded by our opponent's fans. It is hard to stay dedicated here in Atlanta just because there really is no fan base like in other cities. How often do you wear your Falcon gear out in public, and see another fan dressed in their's? Not very often.

Every single Falcon fan can relate to two things. One is being dedicated to the Falcons, and the second is bearing that dedication alone.

I sure hope we can bring you a victory when we play the Vikes. I will be looking hard at all the camera shots to see if I can see one VERY dedicated Falcon Fan sitting next to one very lucky Viking Fan to have a son like you that makes his own way in life no matter what the people around him think.

Go FALCONS !!!!!!!!!

edit: your post would be a good locker room read for the team

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California here.....Raiders,49ers, Chargers......enough said!

I feel your pain, and keep your chin high!

Oh, and tell your dad that we here on the AFMB forgive him for being a Vik's fan...........But only because he brought a stout Falcons fan into the world!!!!!!!!

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