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NFC South getting snubbed in fan Pro Bowl voting

December 2, 2008 6:27 PM

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

All right, this officially has become a pet peeve. The latest update on fan voting for the Pro Bowl isn't doing the NFC South any justice.

As of the moment, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees would be the division's only starter. Brees is the only player leading the voting at his position. Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers and New Orleans return man Reggie Bush each rank third at their position.

New Orleans tight end Jeremy Shockey, Atlanta defensive end John Abraham, Tampa Bay cornerback Ronde Barber and Atlanta kicker Jason Elam each rank fourth at their spots. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner, New Orleans fullback Mike Karney and Tampa Bay punter Josh Bidwell each rank fifth.

The NFC South doesn't even have an offensive lineman among the top five at any of the three positions. What about Jeff Faine? Or Jordan Gross? They're as good as anybody out there.

While we're at it, what about wide receiver? The NFC South is getting shut out there, too. Roddy White, Lance Moore and Antonio Bryant are having career years. And who wants to be the one to tell Steve Smith he's not going to the Pro Bowl?

Then, there's linebacker, where Jon Beason and Barrett Ruud aren't even in the top five. Neither is Derrick Brooks, who should get a ton of votes on reputation alone.

It's not to late to get over to nfl.com and vote, but let's hope the coaches and players give a little more consideration to the NFC South when they each do their third of the vote later this month.

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I just read on the Redskins Board

not to vote any other players at the Postion,

like U can vote for 2 Centers,

well dont,

only McClure!

A Vote for another player cancels out Your Vote!

Do it for all postions too,

Like only Vote for Matt Ryan, no Tony Romo/Eli Votes!

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Like it has been said many times if Roddy, Turner and Abraham isn't in then it's highway robbery. One guy that needs to be added to that list is Elam. But looking at the kicker's stats it's gonna be hard for Elam to get in. John Carney is 27 for 28 this year. John Kasey is 20 of 21 this year. Jason Hanson is 16 for 17 this year. Elam is 24 for 26 this year. Hanson doesn't have as many field goals as the others but he is 7 for 7 from over 50 yards and that's impressive for the oldest kicker in the NFL.

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