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which is the most important game 4 the falcons 2 make playoffs?

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i tried and thought that i made the poll. Does any1 know how 2 work the poll thing?

Well we know Dirty Bird Ronnie does.

Anyway - just delete this thread. Start a new thread - there will be a poll option there. Click it - then just fill it out. It will give you an option for a title and questions.

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to me it's by far this game against NO. if we lose this game, it lessens the significance of the TB game in my opinion, and MAY lead to a let down. if we beat the saints on sunday to improve not only our division record but our conference record as well, I think we will be setting quite nicely for a run to the playoffs.

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We don't control our own destiny. We could win out and still finish second in the division. That's why every game we play is the most important AND Car vs TB too. If Car wins, we do control our own destiny.

Thats exactly what I wanted to know......which one I needed to pull for, the panties or the yuks.

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