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Emmitt's week 13 prognosticationisms


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I 8-4 on the season, and like last week, I will use another transponder from a radio show that I was a guest on to present my weekly Falcon pic. This show comes straight from WSSP 1250 in Milwaukee.


Bob Uecker: Hello everybody and welcome to NFL talk. With me today is Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith. Welcome Emmitt.

Emmitt: Hi Brob. Thank for having me.

Bob Uecker: Emmitt, what is the biggest surprise in this NFL season?

Emmitt: I see the Atlanta Falcons as the biggest surprise to most pronostimigators, but I knew they would be the talks of the league conference early in cramps. I knew they has something specials.

Bob: They have a big game coming up this weekend against the saints. There defense is impressive. They lead the league in 'Go get'm next time's'.

Emmitt: Yeah, they have struggled. They play what I like to call a turnstyle defense. They let everyone pass, so to speak.

Bob: They do struggle. I watched last week when tampa has the ball on the final drive. The game was down to the ability of the saint defense to stop the tampa offense. I tell you Emmitt, it couldn't have made the guys on defense feel good when they looked over to the sideline and the offense was already in street clothes. How will they match up against the Burner this weekend?

Emmitt: It a tough match up for them for sure. The thing about Turner that most people do not notice is that when he run, he like to use his legs. He use his leg as a weapon, so to speak. I think the saint put eight mens in the box to try to stop him. It won't work as the Falcon are starting to dominate the eight mens front since they see it so much.

Bob: Yeah that defense has set some records this year. They hope that 90% of them don't ever get printed.

Emmitt: (laughter). No doubt Brad.

Bob: This Matt Ryan kid is something though.

Emmitt: He is. He willll have a big game along with White, Jenkins, and former adult film star Harry Douglas.

Bob: What about the offensive line for the Falcons?

Emmitt: These guys are playing great, but the most overlooked is the sheer meaness of this group. They meaner than a rattlesnake in a pickle jar. They alway getting the last shot on the defender. Just watch the end of the play and you will always see a Falcon linemen come running into the pile and get a nice shot on a lineman before the wistle blow. That big boy football right there.

Bob: I've heard that Jason David was named 'AFL3 defensive player of the year' for the past two years.

Emmitt: Yeah, it too bad that he play for the saint during that time.

Bob: Emmit, Lets flip to the saint offense against the Falcons defense. That Drew Brees is having a heck of a year.

Emmitt: Yes he is. Unfortunatly, he pulled over the other day at 4AM. The police gave him a $40 dollar fine for driving intoxicated and $1000 fine for playing for the saints.

Bob: He got lucky. I tell you that Scott Fujita, when that guy sneezes, he looks like a party favor. And remember saint fans, this weekends game is paper bag night. Everyone that brings there paper bag will have it signed by the saint players of the '75 team that had a miracle season of 2-12. How'd they ever when those two?

Emmitt: No doubt, Tom.

Bob: What do you think about Reggie Bush?

Emmitt: I say this. Anybody with ability can be a running back in the NFL. But, to be able to trick people year after year like he does, I think that a much bigger feat.

Bob: Any predictions for Sundays game, Emmitt?

Emmitt: I see a Falcon win, 31-14. Turner running for 102 yard with 2 td and 5 cup of Gatoraides. Norwoods 48 yard on 7 carries with 72 yard on 2 conceptions. 8 cup of Gatoraide for him Ryan will pass for 328 yards on 28/33 passing 2 tds with 3 cup of Gatoraide. White 12 catches for 210 yards 1 td with 26 cup of Gatoraide

Bob: Yes Sir, They love there Gatorade in Atlanta.

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"They meaner than a rattlesnake in a pickle jar."

That made me lol... :lol:

Thanks Emmit! For real, though, are you saving these? These need to be assembled into a thread in the HOF. I'm startin' the nomination right here, right now! :)

Let's go a step further. Seriously, I am broke, but someone should buy a domain (emmitspeaks.com, or something like that) and we can post them up there.

I will host it for free.

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