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I passed Roddy White leaving the Dome once...

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Well, chargers are not bad.

At least he isn't riding around in an Escalade like 500 other atheletes.

That's true. I was cut off once in traffic, by D Hall's escalade. On the back of it, where it usually has the silver lettering... It said "Rd 1 Pk 8"...

I assume it wasn't him driving, cause I was going to a game, and the driver is one of those asssholes that will not wait in line to get to the dome, they just drive up as far as they can in the other lane, then cut someone off. That's what he did to me.

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Very slow day at the office. By the time thursday comes around, I'm bored as He77, and there isn't much going on in the world of football.

I was just reminded of this, when I read the Roddy White article that was posted. It's true.

Yeah I read that somewhere also but the color was referred to as "School Bus Orange" I think :lol:

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