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Let's see your creative side Falcons Fans

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Some of Matt Ryan's accomplishments this year:

- Slaughtered 53 bears in 11 seconds

- Slaughtered 53 panthers by hitting them 45 times. The panthers simply couldn't respond to such a brutal assault. PETA was going to file charges until they realized that Matt Ryan was untouchable.

- Slaughtered 53 lions the moment he walked onto the field

- Scalped 53 indian chiefs for trespassing on Falcon land

- Assaulted a referee with no suspension. The ref simply said "Thank you" for being touched by Matt Ryan

- Single handedly stopped cheese production in Wisconsin for a week after slaughtering packers.

- When Saints are called "Holy" they are referring to the holes that Matt Ryan found in their defense.

- Electricity was down in California for a week after chargers were wiped out.

- Piracy is becoming a bigger and bigger problem globally and has hurt international shipping. Matt Ryan will fix that December 14th by slaughtering 53 pirates. He had already taken out 53 raiders earlier in the year.

:D Great stuff!!

As a Mod, I say this thread is HOF worthy. Good stuff, guys. :D


Matt Ryan's' testicles do not produce sperm. They produce tiny white ninjas that recognize only one mission: seek and destroy.


Matt Ryan doesn't "divide and conquer". He has no use for division, and just skips to the conquering.

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Matt Ryan is so great, that while still playing ball at Boston College, he already had Michael Vicks job in Atlanta....

Matt Ryan can kick out of Hulk Hogans legdrop finishing move....

When the Incredible Hulk gets angry he just turns green, The last time Matt Ryan got angry, hurricane Katrina was the result..

so dont make him angry...

Matt Ryan so wonderful, Stevie Wonder can see him and only him :D

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If you get the chance to put on Matt's actual game jersey, all known diseases you have will be cured...your feet will no longer stink...your credit will be cleaned up...and you will instantly be able to talk to girls with confidence.... B)

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Peyton Manning's scouting report read "compares to Matt Ryan....if he's lucky"

When Matt Ryan was born he slapped the doctor just to make him cry.

If Diet Pepsi doesnt name Matt Ryan ROY they will lose their sponsership....to Matt Ryan.

Mike Mayock paid Matt Ryan to be able to ride his jock.

When Drew Brees was asked about his passing success this year he said "Im no Matt Ryan, but I do my best"

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Matt Ryan is so calm, he had a tattoo put on his heart.

Matt Ryan is so cool, when he went to Alaska 50 polar bears froze to death.

Matt Ryan is so smart he had to have one lung removed so his brain would have enough room.

When Matt Ryan gave God his autograph, God jumped up and down going, "Oh boy oh boy oh boy!"

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Matt Ryan will be conducting quartebacking classes.....at the pro bowl.

If Murlarky leaves for a HC job, Matt Ryan is already penciled in as the new OC.

I recently changed my sons names to Matt and Ryan.

When John asked to be baptized, Jesus said 'your looking for Matt Ryan....he is further up the river, with all the women'

Matt Ryan will be replacing the bald eagle as the national bird

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