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Let's see your creative side Falcons Fans

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Matt Ryan yelled a hard count and the and the defensive coordinator jumped out of the coach's box.

Usain Bolt challenged Matt Ryan to a race. Matt picked him up and threw him to Roddy White.

Michael Phelps challenged Matt Ryan to a swim meet. Matt made them put sharks in the pool and told Phelps "Nobody tries to stop you when you swim."

Matt Ryan could find Osama Bin Laden if he ran a slant.


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You can't make up your mind in less than 3 secs and consistantly get rid of the ball to the "most" eligible Receiver 61% of the time and not take a sack but Matt Ryan can!!! :lol:



Heck All I asked for this season was for our Oline to Give him 3.5 seconds.

CAN I Get a Witness! :lol:

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A Panther's natural prey is the feral hog, white-tailed deer, raccon and armadillo and occasionally they will consume rabbits, rats, and birds. Their only natural predator is Matt Ryan.

The Buccaneers were pirates who attacked Spanish and French shipping in the Caribbean Islands during the late 17th century. They stored up treasure for hundreds of years until they are looted by Matt Ryan on December 14th.

A Saint (from the Latin sanctus) is a human being who has been called to holiness. Matt Ryan is going to soon find "holiness" in their defense as he finds every hole with perfectly placed balls to Falcon wide receivers.

This post made me seriously laugh out loud. How you seriously laugh out loud I don't know - but Matt Ryan does.

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Bill Bellichick reads Tom Brady Matt Ryan's stats as a bedtime story before he tucks him into bed everynight,

so he can keep dreaming...

Matt Ryan is so cool , the sun has to put on a jacket when Matt steps outside...brrrrrrrrr....

Matt Ryan so cool and accurate, he can close his eyes and strike 11 Lions on a practice toss,

and it will go for a 62 yard TD....

Matt Ryan so dreamy, the NFL wants to impliment next year that he plays without a helmet on.... :lol:

Matt Ryan is so great, he made a whole city, franchise, and fans forget about Michael Vick...

Matt Ryan is all 5 of Charles Barkley's FAV 5 in his cell phone...

Matt Ryan is the only one that knows Whats Eating Gilbert Grape....

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