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i keep on wondering what if...


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What if

what if

what if TD didnt hire smitty and sign michael turner and draft matt ryan and sam baker and instead

rich mckay was still the GM and signed a different HC and kept deangelo hall and draft darren mcfadden

i wouldve still be supportive, but **** that would have been so different. however, thats exactly what i wanted to happen. Have redman start at QB, have mcfadden as our RB, and hall still here.

Boy am i glad that this aint burger king.

I mean im sure theres alot of what ifs out there, on what ppl wanted to happen. but no matter what you wanted, i think what actually happened was the BEST possible case scenario. Even if someone expected us to trade crumpler for tom brady, he woulda been injured. ha

but really, ive read alot of ur opinions of what u wanted, and nothing tops what happened. God bless the falcons

ps. why is smittys hair so awsome

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