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When does the MNF schedule come out?


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So i understand why we werent selected for a MNF or Sunday night football game this season. Nobody honestly thought we would be the team we are now, so i'm not really po'd or anything about it. However, next season how many primetime games do you guys think we will have? Also, when does the NFL come out with the schedules for those games?

One more note, how would you Falcons fans feel about being one of the team that plays a game in europe or the Thanksgiving game?

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Wow. You are really getting ahead of yourself.

:lol: I see someone is upset that I called their god post a joke. Whatever my man, I would love to see our team in some primetime games with Madden and Micheals commentating. I hardly ever get to watch the games at 1 or 4 p.m. Sunday so im all for the primetimes. I see our schedule for next season and were playing some killer teams, which makes it all the better.

To be the best you got to beat the best. Next season will decide that.

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